Woolf, Space, and Tools I Like

I’ve decided to put a few fun posts up before the grand opening of CPC later this year…

It’s a fact: most writers live a pretty solo existence. We need time and space to research, write, edit, re-write, think, re-think, throw it all away, and re-write some more. And I hazard to guess that many of us have a pretty basic space where we work. Sure, plenty of writers do the coffee shop thing: citron cardigan-clad hipsters banging maniacally on our little notebooks while riding some shaky-handed caffeine high. I can write in public for short periods of time, but all told: I need to be alone with my little writer brain and my little writer musings so I can chat with myself a la Virginia Woolf to get verbiage on the screen that I’m willing to put forth as My Work. So to that albeit creepy-ish end, I need a writing space that works. Just like Virginia.

"We're obscure and ironic."


As CPC is still in construction mode, I’m doing the basics to get things started, not least of which is making over the space where I write. A few things every space needs:

It must be comfortable. Chair, desk, files… all need to be accessible and workable for long stretches of project-making mayhem.

It must be functional: Not my scenario, mind you, but a printer on the kitchen floor connected to an orange extension cord will bode troublesome for long-term use. (Damn you SF Victorian apartment power outlets!)

(For me) It must be near a window: any window. I need to look out and think when my monitor mocks me and the keyboard shrugs as if to say “I don’t know what to tell you.”

And, perhaps most importantly, it must be pleasing to the eye. Whatever that means to the writer: a spartan workspace with staid essentials, a botanical, zen, Feng Shui desk-jungle, a kitschy, cluttered, desktop fun-house… whatever works to get inspired and stay invigorated on the project.

Here are a few things I like that fit my sensibility, which is more FDR Chic with a little Martha Stewart/Thrift Shop Vintage thrown in for balance.

This Retro Camera Tape Dispenser is super fun…so is this camera pencil sharpener.

Okay enough vintage camera action. What about a spa-like tech gadget?

These are perfect for processing rejection letters for your novel… Virginia would have liked these I think.

Other things I use everyday include Mirado Black Warrior Pencils, Uni Jetstream pens in medium black, and anything from this shop just because I love pretty paper.

More fun forthcoming! Back to setting up…




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