Drunk with Coffee & Power

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll all tell you the same thing: I love coffee and I love power. So the other day, I’m driving down Market Street and I see this cool sign and wonder… I wonder what “Work Club” is? Clearly they have coffee and outlets, yes yes… but what does that mean? I was intrigued.

So rather than interact with the physical world and actually enter said establishment I did what any red-blooded modern American would do: I Googled it when I got home.

(I ganked this pic from C&P’s blog… it’s a cool sign right?)

And that is when I learned about the magic that is Coffee & Power. It’s a work-exchange club where you register your needs, wants, and desires (within respectable reason… c’mon people focus!), as well as cool talents, skills or job abilities you may have. You assign virtual dollar amounts to your skills, and in turn, can “buy” services and goods with the “coffee dollars” you earn. Yearning for a utopian existence (not  the Thomas More variety, thank you) I immediately did a brain scan of what I could offer up to barter some coffee bucks:

1) I make a mean crochet sock monkey hat…

admit it… you want one.

2) I can say all fifty states, in alphabetical order, in under a minute. (True… I’ll post it one day. You’ll see.)

3) Oh yeah. I’m a writer.

So I put up an offer to do some company wordsmithing and within a DAY… voila! I had myself a gig. Not any old gig… but a super fun gig writing and editing for C&P! How great is THAT? PLUS… you get C$20.oo coffee bucks just for signing up.

Easy, fun, and a good way to support or supplement mobile workers. And I have a healthy C$$$ credit. I’m reeling  from my new-found power. I must log on and find someone to do my bidding. Mwah ha ha…



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3 responses to “Drunk with Coffee & Power

  1. Coffee & Power

    Thanks for the shout out and for the fantastic copy 🙂

  2. This is an awesome post. I enjoyed it very much.

    How long have you been planning a blog? What kind of prior experience in writing have you had?

    • Glad you liked it! C & P is an amazing opportunity.
      I’ve been thinking about a blog for some time… but, to be honest, I’m a bit of a Luddite. The thought of updating my digital life was daunting, so I put it off. But once I got started, I realized it’s not only critical to a freelancer’s success, but it’s also super fun! I’ve learned that being *tech savvy* often means little more than being patient, caffeinated, and willing to follow instructions.

      Oh wow– I’ve been writing for years and have written every type of text you can image: TV scripts, brochures, business plans, case studies, newsletters, ad campaigns, web copy, product descriptions, instructional guides, travel articles, book proposals… you get the idea. I do some creative work too: I have a literary agent in NYC who is shopping my book proposal to publishers, and I’m getting ready to do some travel writing for a women’s travel blog…in Indonesia! It’s a thrilling opportunity as a both a gypsy traveler and as a writer. I’ll be blogging about the trip, starting next week!