Summer Days, Drifting Away….

No I won’t bust out with the Grease soundtrack, but for my student peeps, this time of the year is all about Back to School, preparing for SATs, and dealing with all of the woo ha that comes with Making the Grade. So parents, students: here’s a head’s up for you.

Yay! I'm going to Cal!

As a teacher I know—it’s not easy to manage a social life, deal with family stuff, and crank out the work that’s going to earn an acceptance letter from Cal. Working at Elite has taught me that there are a lot of kids who treat their education like a job. They start in the wee hours of the morning with basketball practice, rock classes all day, go to after-school volunteer projects and violin lessons, then relax at the end of the day with four hours of homework. Being an Ivy League candidate: it’s not for sissies.

Elite has an awesome program to help students get through the scary world of SAT prep. They also have shorter sessions available for personal statement work and focused tutoring. I’m hopelessly devoted to Elite (ha! sorry…) because they don’t teach test “tricks…they show you smart strategies and yes, kick a kid’s brain into high-gear, SAT mode. They also do a ton of research on SAT content, so students have a much better idea of what they can expect.

I’ve been tutoring students in English for years, but for SAT test prep, Elite is a smart choice. It’s like academic Boot Camp. Check out classes here.

Now if I could only roll to class in a Pink Lady jacket… no no, that’s too much to ask.


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