Propane is Blowin’ Up

One of my clients, Propane Studio, had a major Mad Men moment over the weekend: they needed a script completed for a project. These guys are seriously on the edge of what’s going on in user-experience marketing… so they were having what my Dad likes to call a “high-class problem.” They needed a lot of writing done in a short period of time because they have clients banging down their doors. (That would be scary, actually. I hope that’s not literally true.) So Propane’s Creative Director, Neil, rang me up.

I had worked with Neil years before, doing some corporate acting on a campaign he was working on (yes, I’m an actor too… jazz hands!), but this time he had a business script that needed a bit of edit work. He also wanted some voice-over action for a storyboard… so I quickly became a one-stop shop: writer, editor, researcher, and voice-over artist. I was excited because I knew these guys did awesome work, but their project people are also super cool and organized (bonus!), so I have to say… I was fired up.

We worked Mad Men-style* and wrapped it up this weekend. The result? A clean script, complete with fresh content, and an accompanying audio storyboard for the developers to transform into user-friendly marketing wizardry. AND I still got to go camping on Saturday afternoon. That’s what my Dad would call “okie-friggin-dokie.”

* By Mad Men-style, I mean we worked really late and early morning to get this baby out to market. No in-office boozing or cringe-inducing comments were used in the creation of this project.


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