Free Me, Courtesy of Coffee & Power

No not free me as in “Free Winona” free me, but actually my services are free to you. Silly.

One of my favorite new social products (and yes… a stellar client of mine, I’m not going to lie), Coffee & Power is making you an offer you can’t refuse. (Sorry, I’ve had the Godfather on my mind all week for some reason. Just go with it.)

For those not in the know, Coffee & Power is this very cool work/exchange site where you can buy and sell services, (called Missions). You need cupcakes delivered for an office party? Coffee & Power has someone. Someone to build software? They have someone. Organization help? You get the idea.

Coffee & Power has started a program where certain members have Gift Missions. And guess who has two…count’em… two Gift Missions? That means you can get an hour of my services and Coffee & Power will pick up the tab.

Here’s what you do:

Send yours truly a note with your email. (Don’t worry I’m friendly. Hi! ).

I then send you a gift credit. Register at C&P (takes two seconds) and you’re good to go.

Besides my Missions, there’s a bunch of cool stuff up, so go on and check out their offerings. They change daily and there’s always something. Oh! And put your own Missions up too, so you can earn some moola.

Coffee, Power, and Free Stuff,



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