Gifts for Bibliophiles That Won’t Get Returned

So you have to find a gift for a book nerd but you don’t know what kind of books they might like? Let me clear up some common bookworm misconceptions:

1) Not all bookworms like Shakespeare. Technically he was a playwright, and not all actors like Shakespeare either. Yes he’s a big shot in literary history and required reading for anyone getting an English degree, but that doesn’t mean we’re all a titter about either of those points. So don’t think this is your easy way out, because that copy of “Midsummer’s” will end up on eBay faster than you can say “anon”…

2) We’re not all tech idiots. Now it’s true, most of us are, and many of us are even a bit proud of our neo-Luddite status, but there is a small constituency that is attempting to grasp the world of social media and all of it’s codalicious nuance. Neo-Luddites tend not to worry about such things, as we’re far too preoccupied with Derridean ethics and elbow patches.

3) We like bookish things, not just books themselves. Here comes the gift idea part of this post. Ready? Here it goes…

These are freaking cute! Anyone into vintage stuff, art, or books would love to get one of these journals

For the tech-saavy bookworm… a great little app for reading when you don’t have WIFI or 3g…

Forget bookworm for a second… Any Office Space fan would appreciate this

For the traveling worm… yes I know. I’ve resisted getting one myself (it feels like I’m cheating on my books!) but I do see how this little gadget makes a ton of sense when on the road.

And for the bookworm who has everything (or a serious E.A. Poe fetish) a rare volume is always most appreciated.

If you have a novel gift idea for book lovers please don’t hoard it… do share. 🙂



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  1. Are you dropping hints for you list? Hmm…all of tehse sound great